About Me

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where our license plates so proudly state is “The Heart of it All.” Books and reading were always fascinating to me, and I always knew I wanted to surround myself with words and literature. In fact, my first dream job was to be a librarian. I wrote stories of all genres and read even more.

When I started my undergraduate career at Loyola University Chicago, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to focus on, but I knew writing would be a part of it. Journalism seemed like an easy enough fit. I could simply write. But it wasn’t until a few semesters in that I realized that the peoples’ stories we write about as journalists are just as fascinating and riveting as the ones we fictitiously create, and that is what keeps bringing me back to this field.

As a recent graduate with a double degree in journalism and Spanish literature and a minor in international studies, I’m looking forward to all the stories I will hear, the stories I will write, and the stories I will read.

Outside of writing and my studies, I enjoy going for runs, scrolling through cat blogs, finding excuses for travels and adventures, and compiling the soundtrack that would accompany a movie of my life.


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